Essential Tips to Keep You From Losing Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys is both stressful and inconvenient, at Car & Truck Keys we take the stress and hassle out of losing your car keys. Whether your stuck on your drive, motorway, or school run Car & Truck Keys promises to be with you immediately without ever leaving you stranded. There is never a good time to lose or brake your car keys, which is why here at Car & Truck Keys we endeavour to get you back into your vehicle and back on the road in next to no time. If you think that you may have misplaced or even completely lost your car keys then here’s some tips on what to do next:

Lost Car Keys?
What you need to do:

  • Make a note of your vehicle’s details: manufacturer, model, year etc. as we’ll need this to give you a proper quote
  • Gather full details of your vehicle’s location: town, post code etc. as we’ll need to know where to find you
  • Contact your insurer: many provide key protection cover, meaning they pay for our services rather than you
  • Call Car & Truck Keys to arrange a convenient appointment and we’ll send out an engineer on the double

Stolen Car Keys?
What you need to do:

  • Ensure your vehicle cannot be moved: blocking in your vehicle, applying a wheel clamp, or fitting a steering lock
  • If you know of or have access to your cars fuse or relay switch consider switching this off or completely removing it.
  • Contact your locale police station and report the crime, make sure you get a crime number
  • Call Car & Truck Keys to arrange a convenient appointment and we’ll send out an engineer on the double

Lost or Stolen Car Keys – How we replace them

You like most people may be under the impression that your car keys are irreplaceable, that in order to get these replaced you must visit the official vehicle manufacturer. This isn’t the case what so ever. In fact having your keys replaced by your vehicle manufacturer is both expensive and time consuming.

First things first, ring us at Car & Truck Keys to arrange an appointment, we’ll get one of expert technicians to meet you at a convenient location, ready to get you back on the road. Once the technician has gained entry to your car, the process of creating a new key (between 5 minutes to 30 minutes) can then begin.

Vehicles made in Europe after 1995 should be fitted with an immobiliser, combined with a transponder chip for added security. Once new keys have been created by the Car & Truck Keys technician they can remove the existing immobiliser codes. They will then pair the new keys and transponder units to the ECU (engine control unit) in your vehicle, meaning that you can get back to doing whatever you was doing with your day.

It really is that simple, contact us today for your free quote.

Essential Tips to Keep You From Losing Your Car Keys

If you are someone who loses car keys regularly, isn’t it time to take stock and put an end to the constant searching?  People waste lots of time each year searching for their car keys when just a few simple changes could mean a final solution for this vexing problem.

Of course we understand if you’re always losing your keys…25% of UK drivers do!  That interesting fact comes from a Lloyds Bank survey which studied UK drivers, their keys, and common behavior.

Keys are small, so they can drop down into any pocket, crevice, or corner and get buried instantly.  We all know what it’s like to retrace our steps in hopes of finding our lost car keys.  It’s so frustrating!

Lost car keys are frustrating and they can ruin your day.

As you might guess, we know a lot about lost car keys…our auto locksmiths encounter people every day who’ve experienced this particular brand of frustration and stress.  As a result of helping so many people gain access to their cars, our key technicians hear a lot of stories, too.

For example, they hear that customers often find their keys, only days later, even weeks later in some cases.  Of course that doesn’t help them during those days or weeks when they just don’t have their keys.

From our experiences, we’ve assembled many helpful tips for keeping track of your car keys.  Here are the best ones.

#1.  Buy a huge key chain.

This is the first and of course the simplest recipe for keeping track of your keys.  One of the reasons keys get lost so easily is because they’re so small.

The solution: make them big!  Plus, for an extra layer of protection, try attaching something neon to your key set.  That way you’ll more readily see them when they’ve got tucked away in a dark corner.

#2.  Go high-tech with your key chain.

There are now teeny-tiny Bluetooth trackers which you can affix to your car keys.  They’re not heavy, since they’re designed specifically for tiny items like keys and cell phones.  Once you attach the tracker, you use an app on your phone to find or track your keys whenever you lose them.

One such tracker is called “Tile”.  It allows you to see where your keys are located on a map, and even gives you a time stamp so you know when your keys were last at that location.  Nifty!

There are cheaper brands too, although Tile isn’t all that expensive (especially considering the value it provides!)  Just be sure to check the specs to see what sort of range the other brands can manage.  Tile’s beeper will work up to 100 feet but of course the smaller the range the better it works.

#3. Make a routine “key spot”.

Forming new habits isn’t always easy, but this should be a simple one.  Put a bowl near your home’s main entryway, and designate that bowl as the “key spot”.  Put nothing but your car keys in the bowl…you don’t want the day’s mail cluttering up your key spot.

Alternatively, you can use a decorative box, a hook, or a tray.  Literally, anything that holds your key in a fixed position while you’re not driving will do.

If you have an office at work, you’ll probably have to do the same thing there: designate a fixed key spot.

Now, make a habit of always stashing your car keys in your new key spots.  The minute you walk in your door at home or at work, put your keys there.  Allow yourself no exceptions to this new rule, and soon it will become a habit.  Hopefully, your new habit will prevent you from losing your car keys ever again.

#4.  If nothing else works, call us!

If you’ve tried all these suggestions and none of them seem to be working for you because you’re still losing your keys, at least you know you can always call us.

We’re on hand twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to answer your lockout call.  Whether you’ve lost your keys, broken your keys, or locked them in the car, we can get in there, solve your problem, and get you back on the road in as little time as possible.

We know you hope you won’t have to call us, but we’re always there, 24/7 to help you out should you lose your car keys.

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